Afrika Mandela Ranch, Ecological Project in Rao Senegal  

Aline Sittoe Diatta Clinic in Diango Senegal


children waiting for distance adoptions at Soxna Beye Elementary School


trees to be planted and help to fight the progressing desertification


women and children touched by improved healthcare and education

1 Encourage south-north, north-south exchanges. Promote educational and health-related projects, vocational training, culture and sport.

2 Sustainably reinvigorate the local economy, create jobs and income-generating activities.

3 Heighten awareness of a sustainable agro-ecology, promote biodiversity and revitalize an ecosystem that is still very fragile.

Notre philosophie est basée sur des rencontres

La rencontre avec Michèle, Patrick, Christophe a permis la transmission d'un savoir-faire: la confection de toits en chaume de typha. Cette synergie de partage a concrétisé le projet de l'Ecole des arts et métiers et du sport, Bineta Samb Ba, et la formation des premiers chaumiers de typha, de l'Afrique. Vous souhaitez, vous aussi, vous joindre à cette aventure humaine et solidaire, contactez-nous.

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